Wednesday, 17 June 2015

NYC Nail Polish Mini Review

I recently bought a few NYC nail polishes and I thought I'd do a mini review! In the first photo I've got three different polishes. From the left I've got Strip Me Off base coat (001), Prospect Park Bloom nail colour (200), and Grand Central Station top coat (202).

Ugh! The dreaded smudged nail! Of course I dramatized this, but that doesn't change that fact that it happens to the best of us. The best part of the base coat is that it does exactly what it says it'll do. You can easily peel the polish off in one go (which is great in a pinch).

I really like this colour and I feel like it would look good on the hands of many. It can be used for French manicures for sure or just as an all over nail colour. I really like the way these polishes feel on my nails because they don't feel super heavy. Even for cheap polishes (3 for $6 or something like that...) these are pretty decent. If you're someone who is bothered by the smell of nail polish, you'd be interested to know that the base coat doesn't have much of a smell. The colour has a much stronger smell, while the clear top coat is impossibly stronger. If you're bothered by the scent, I'd steer clear. That's all and until next time...

xoxo Camille Rose