Saturday, 28 March 2015

Traveller's Chant

Whew! For the first time in my life I went travelling! I visited London, Paris, Venice, and Rome - exciting, right? It was the experience of a lifetime. Mind you, I just went for a taste. I went to see where I want to go back in the future. Unfortunately, London was absolutely freezing. As enjoyable as it was, it was hard to really get past the thought of your toes falling off. Paris was positively wonderful! (My favourite part of the trip, as silly as it is, was how fast the metro in Paris traveled.) Venice was nice, but quite touristy. A tad too touristy for me. Rome was quite enjoyable too. Overall, my favourite city was Paris. The women and fashion were truly inspirational. There were many bumps in the road (much like anything else), but there were many good times. I had the opportunity to travel under the English channel, ride a night train (through Switzerland!) from Paris to where we stayed near Venice, and we had a connecting flight in Munich, Germany. We walked on the pavement in Germany, so I'd count that as another country I've visited....

We start our journey in London with a few pictures of my girls and I. The first picture is of us in a double decker bus. The other two were taken between Tower Bridge and London Bridge.

Ah, the beautiful Paris. Obviously, the top photo was taken in front of the Eiffel Tower. (Try not to pay any mind to my hair in these pictures. My skin and hair had a mind of its own 
the whole trip!) The last two pictures were taken in Versailles.

Did you ever wonder what the inside of an Italian train station looked like? Wonder no further! The photo on the left is me waiting for my train. The photo on the right is the inside of a water taxi, which we took on the way to Venice.

Just a lovely photo on one of the many narrow "roads" through Venice.

Finally, Rome! This is a photo of St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. 

Outfit in Paris: Jacket - Stitches, Dress - (missing the tag)
Outfit in train station: Jacket - Stitches, T-Shirt - H&M, Jeans - True Religion, Slip Ons - Airwalk, Luggage - Tracker
Outfit in Venice - Jacekt - Stitches, Plaid Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger, Sunglasses - Icing, Leggings - Similar, Rubber Boots - (missing label)

Items thrifted in these outfits were my green dress, slip ons, plaid shirt and my rubber boots. I can honestly say to anyone that if they get the opportunity to visit any of these countries, to do it. It is more than worth the money. It'll change your life. Until next time....

xoxo Camille Rose

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Girls and Boys In School

Blazer  - Ralph Lauren, Dress - (missing its tag), Boots - Call It Spring, Necklace - Forever 21, Backpack - Victoria's Secret

Items thrifted in this outfit were my boots, bag, dress and blazer. Try not to mind the barbecue in the background. He just really loves cameras. Almost everything thrifted in this outfit came from Value Village (affectionately known as VV by yours truly), except for my bag. I actually bought it second-hand at my local Plato's Closet. Another love of mine. New styles for cheap? Yes please! Until next time....

xoxo Camille Rose

Sweet Nothing

Shoes - Nine West, Jeans - Valentino, Top - Central Park West, Blazer - Glamour Campaign, Earrings - The Bay, Necklace - The Bay, Bracelet - Chamilia

The items thrifted in this outfit were my jeans, shoes, top and blazer. I gotta hand it to the Value Village near me because they've always got the nicest clothing, shoes and accessories. As per usual, all thrifted items were from VV, as I like to call it. Until next time....

xoxo Camille Rose 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Blue Jeans

Jeans - Roots, Heels - Studio Pollini, Top - Stitches, Purse - Louis Vuitton, Bracelet - The Bay, Necklace - The Bay, Earrings - The Bay

Items thrifted in this outfit are my heels, jeans and purse. Until next time...

xoxo Camille Rose

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hello Kitty

Jacket - Stitches, Dress - Wal-Mart (Girl, don't judge), Boots - Splash, Earrings - Claire's

The only item thrifted in this outfit are my boots. I orginally bought them and they were white. I painted them a few years ago and after the first wear, they started chipping. I thought it gave them more character, so I didn't redo them. Until next time...

xoxo Camille Rose

Miss Atomic Bomb

Jacket - Roots, Scarf - Cashmere Instinct, Sheer Dress - (missing label), Black and White Dress - Bluenotes, Boots - Nine West, Purse - Aldo, Necklace - Urban Planet, Cuff - Claire's, Bracelet - Chamilia

The thrifted item in this outfit are my scarf, boots and the sheer dress. (Yes, my coat does say Tim Hortons. We got the platinum award a few years ago and everyone got these beautiful Roots coats.) Until next time...

xoxo Camille Rose

Just Can't Get Enough

Jacket - Kasper, Jeans - Valentino, Booties - (missing label), Earrings - The Bay

In this outfit, the items thrifted were my jacket, jeans and booties. The most I know about the booties is they were made is Spain. That's the worst part of thrifting - not having a label or knowing where the item you adore originally came from. Until next time....

xoxo Camille Rose

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Sunglasses - Icing, Earrings - Claire's, Necklace - Icing, Denim Jacket - Dollhouse, Dress and Shoes - Missing Labels/Tags (Dress Similar, Shoes Similar), Purse - Aldo

The items thrifted in this outfit were my flats, dress and denim jacket. I visited both Goodwill and Value Village for this look. Until next time...

xoxo Camille Rose

Monday, 9 March 2015

Winter Winds

Leather Coat - Leather Attic, Wool Beret - Similar, Mock Turtle Neck - High Maintenance, Plaid Skirt - Marks & Spencer, Purse - Aldo, Boots - Nine West

 In this outfit, the items thrifted were my coat, beret, top, and skirt. (On a side note, the earrings I'm wearing I designed and made.) I bought all of my thrifted items in this outfit from Value Village. Though I am an avid thrifter and I visit many thrift stores, Value Village is by far my favourite.

xoxo Camille Rose